Motivational Monday – If you can dream it!

If You Can Dream It quote

Walt Disney is quoted as saying, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”  And you know what, he’s right.

As children we are told that we can be or do anything we want to, all we have to do is dream it. In fact we are encouraged  to dream big.  And we do!

We dream about the being doctors, lawyers, teachers, police officers, president, mothers, and fathers.  As children we dream of living in mansions and traveling all around the world.  We are told that the only thing that limits what we can achieve is our own imagination.  When we share these dreams with our parents, teachers, and friends we are told to keep dreaming and  encouraged to dream bigger.

Then things change.

We grow up.

And sometimes we stop dreaming.

We start to think that dreaming is for children; and we’re adults now. And well adults don’t dream.

And then when we actually dare to dream, we are sometimes told that are dreams are silly; they are too big and far fetched;  and that we should stop.

And we do.

But what if we kept dreaming…I mean really BIG dreams.  And then we do something really crazy, we actually start to believe that we can accomplish those dreams.  Well let me tell you what, some amazing things start to happen.  Our dreams start to become reality.

Now that doesn’t mean that dreams will magically happen.  There is a lot of planning and hard work that has to go into making those dreams come true.  You may also find that along the way you may encounter people who may think that your dream is silly and unrealistic.  You may find that those people are your parents, siblings, spouse, co-workers, and  even your friends.

But don’t let them discourage you from going after your dream.  I believe these people have good intentions, maybe they think that they are protecting you. Maybe they too once had dreams similar to yours and for some reason they stopped believing in them.  Maybe it was someone close to them that talked them out of their dream and they are doing the same to you, because they want to protect you the way someone protected them.

But I say don’t listen to them.  Don’t stop dreaming and actually believing that you can do it.

Because YOU can!  And you will, you have just got to work hard and believe.

Now I dare you to dream really BIG, believe that it will happen and then do the work!

So tell me what big dreams do you have?

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