Motivational Monday – Positive Mind

Positive Mind

Start the week with a positive mind

On this motivational Monday, it’s all about having a positive mindset.  I am always telling my children that having a positive mindset is what separates the dreamers from the achievers.  It’s that “can do” attitude that you need to have to accomplish your goals; it’s looking at things from a glass half full perspective instead of a glass half empty.  Having a positive attitude helps when faced with a problem or difficult situation.  It is being solutions driven instead of problem focused.

Having a positive mind is something that you have to consciously practice

So now let’s keep it real for a minute.  Having a positive mind is not something that just “happens”.  No ma’am!  It is something that you have to consciously practice on a daily basis.  Now I would also be lying to you if I said that having a positive outlook is easy.  Sure, this practice may come easier to some people, but it still takes work.  In order to have a positive mindset, you have to CHOOSE to think positively.  The great thing about this exercise is that after a while, it will start to come easier to you and you will start to see a shift in your overall thinking, positive things will start to happen to you and you will find yourself living a pretty good life.  Sure bad things can still happen, but it’s how you approach them that will make dealing with them a bit easier.

No go out there and be a positive force!

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